The Gale Page

Recently I have been gathering a collection of Gale Outboards. These old beauties are often overlooked and discarded because of the myths that are associated with them. "You can't get parts","They're Department store cheapies"and on and on. Those of us in the know can't get enough of them.Here's some pictures of my collection with more to come as I aquire them.

1961 Gale Buccaneer 25 HP.

1956 Gale Buccaneer 25HP

1960 Gale Soveriegn 35 HP.

1960 Gale Buccaneer 

3D16B 3 HP

Three Maidens in a Row


1960 Gales 5D17B

1958 Gale Buccaneer 25 HP

Near mint condition.

True survivor